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Then There Was You, Part I

As some of you know Ante and I are moving into our new home next week! Ilija is three weeks old with his Baptism this Sunday, followed by the move on Wednesday, so life is hectic in every good way. Three weeks before my due date life was equally chaotic: we decided to put our current condo up for sale, which meant open houses and walk-throughs. During that same time our computer crashed, Ante was rear-ended, and we ran into some additional car trouble, in addition to a few other obstacles.

A huge thank you to for our stunning maternity photos! We're so grateful for the unforgettable experience.

I was 38 weeks pregnant, praying to God that the condo would sell before Ilija came, and that Ante and I would be blessed with peace and joy amongst the chaos. At one point we sat down and wrote out our blessings to keep things in perspective; the blessings were double the frustrations, so we smiled at one another and carried on, anticipating the arrival of our son. Needless to say, our computer's hard drive was replaced, the car was taken care of, and the condo sold on Monday, September 9th.

"...the blessings were double the frustrations..."

On Tuesday I finally had a day to myself--no cleaning, no visitors, no walk-throughs… Just me on the couch, sleeping and watching home reno shows. This was going to be my routine for the next week or two before the baby's arrival. Ante came home from work and drove me to my midwife appointment at 5pm. She and I spent 20 minutes discussing how late I would like to carry past my due date, and I told her that I’m comfortable going a week late--Ilija was measuring small so we didn’t have to worry about him being too big, and I was still relatively comfortable (just some swelling and joint stiffness in the morning). “I’ll take a week or two for myself,” I thought, “he’ll come when he’s ready.”

"...he’ll come when he’s ready."

My midwife asked if I wanted a “stretch and sweep” to potentially spark labour. No thanks! Then she asked if I’d like her to check whether I’m dilated. Sure! I was curious. Turns out I was 2cm along, but this could remain stagnant for days. She gave me the “go” to get dressed, but after feeling something unfamiliar, I asked her to have another look. She came over, looked down, and looked back up with a shocked face: “Your water just broke…”

Stay tuned for the full birth story!



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