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Four months after we met we were engaged. Six months after that: married. Now we're living a life of love, joys, pains, trials, and errors, working to expand the kingdom of God on earth, starting with our own little family!



I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, though more of a hopeful practicing Catholic. I had my reversion to faith at the age of 20; I spent the next four years studying various world ideologies and religions in search of the Truth, and it only strengthened my Catholic faith. Simultaneously I was working toward a degree in English Language & Literature with a minor in Dramatic Arts, and a Bachelor of Education. Once I graduated, rather than teach in the classical sense, God called me into youth ministry. I resisted the idea for months, but as per usual, God won. Five years into ministry I began my Master of Theology (currently doing that, slowly but surely), and around the same time I met my bold and faithful husband. During our first conversation I blurted out, "I can't believe you exist."



I think the word that best describes me is "passionate." I spent my teens and early twenties being passionate about work, sports and fitness, but my faith lacked as a "Cultural Catholic". When I was 24 at a concert, lyrics to a song changed my life: "All I Need is You, Lord." I dedicated the next 5 years to reforming my life, living for God. I started the Youth and Young Adult Ministries at my home parish, Queen of Peace, and recently completed three Certificate programs in Philosophy, Theology and Apologetics at the New Saint Thomas Institute. 

When I was 29, Our Lord blessed me with my beautiful (inside and out) wife, and together we love building the Kingdom. After eight years of working in Civil Engineering and two years as a youth minister, I am now in fulltime real estate, having pioneered "St. Joseph Realty"! I am still a sports fanatic, and health and fitness enthusiast, with a heavy interest in politics. 


A lot on the go, and I thoroughly enjoy it all... So thankful to have such a strong and supportive wife!



Roberta: Born in Croatia and raised in St. Catharines, ON, I was always proud of my heritage and comfortable in my small city. In June of 2016 I received an unexpected call from a fellow youth minister asking me to consider a job in Mississauga. I immediately resisted the idea, but he reminded me that I'm a Catholic woman and need to pray about it. He was right, and so I did! Within one month, I uprooted my life and moved to Mississauga. One week later, this same friend of mine told me to get in touch with the coordinator of a Croatian young adult ministry (CCY, Croatian Catholic Youth) where I could meet some new people. I called, and as the phone was ringing, he said, "You're going to marry this guy." Right again!

Ante: I rarely prayed for myself. I am a blessed guy and thought there were more important things to pray for - and others that were more worthy of God's ears. After years of this mindset, I was at a point where I was more than ready to meet my wife... Someone to share my life and faith with; the one God had created for me. I started to pray a 54-Day Miraculous Rosary Novena with that exact intention on the Feast of the Assumption in 2016. I had no idea where she would come from, or look like - I completely trusted God to send me my beloved. A few weeks later a friend of mine called me to say there was a new youth minister in town, and she's Croatian. I thought: Lord, could this be it? We met a few days later. My life has never been the same.

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