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Then & Now

Personal Faith Testimonies

In the formative years of our lives, God was not a priority. We each had a 'miraculous' (unexpected and shocking to all) reversion to the Catholic faith in our early twenties, only to meet seven years later and discover how similar our paths had been. God had been forming us for one another all along.

Here we discuss these events and compel young people to choose God now, conforming their lives to Jesus Christ, avoiding many common societal pressures for the sake of their current happiness and well-being of their future vocation. 

Why Wait?

Dating & Chastity

Referencing Theology of the Body, we will discuss the importance of self-mastery and chastity, using our own testimonies to depict the importance of realizing your dignity in the image and likeness of God.

As we begin to understand the love we are created for, it shapes the way we live their lives, now and always. 

Battle of the Sexes

Men's & Women's Guides to Holiness

Here we discuss the societal pressures most common to men and women, familiarizing our audience with the tactics of the devil, calling them to holiness through a personal relationship with Jesus and His Catholic Church. 

Man Up

Men's Talk

Men are called to provide, protect, and to be fruitful (literally and spiritually, and according to their vocation). Young men are called to understand this now, forming themselves in self-control and good habits (virtues) years before making a vocational decision. 

I'll Be Happy When...

Women's Talk

Many young women get caught up thinking, "I'll be happy when...

*I have a better body

*I'm in a relationship


The reality is, as we get everything we think we want, it never seems to be enough. There is a reason for this: only God can satisfy our desires. This women's talk encourages women to live in the present moment, walking with Jesus as he guides them where they are meant to be, one day at a time. 

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