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The Agape Kind

Today made me realize that since having children, Ante and I don't have many pictures together! When the camera comes out it's usually him taking pictures of me with the kids, or vice versa.

Looking through our home, pictures of Ante and I are some of my favorites; they spark the most important memories as the foundation for everything we have today.

While the legends associated with Saint Valentine are ambiguous, we do know that he was martyred and remains a saint in the Catholic Church. His name most significantly invokes thoughts of courtship and marriage.

The most refreshing thing about meeting Ante back in 2016 was that he made his intentions with me very clear; neither of us were interested in wasting time and we knew that dating was for the purpose of marriage. BUT, as the story goes, he was indeed interested and asked my ring size on the second date!

It's debatable whether his strategy is the best strategy for everyone 🙈, but Ante makes me feel a healthy fraction of the love which Jesus gazes upon me with. Jesus loves me, he wants me, and he rejoices in me (as he does for you).

Marriage should strive to reflect that love. Though oftentimes Ante and I fail to be everything God calls us to be, we are so very blessed to mutually strive for that agape (the highest form) type of love (remembering to be forgiving when we inevitably fall short).

Many people are in marriages which leave them feeling like they are the only one desiring a deeper love. It is a cross to carry—to love the other unconditionally through doubt and loneliness, fear, and resentment. This is precisely where Jesus needs to penetrate even the bleakest of circumstances, as we attempt to love those who treat us poorly. When we humble ourselves enough to focus on our own relationship with Jesus, mimicking his love for a world that continues to mock him and strike him, we can find peace amidst the pain in His Sacred Heart.

This is usually where modern day miracles happen.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Skokos!

Ps. You can find me on Instagram again @catholicetcetera 🙏🏼

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